The Play Party Retreat

A 3-day workshop by Andy Buru & Saara Rei

Drawing by indigo9

There are many images that can come to mind when thinking about a BDSM play party… images from pop culture, like Eyes Wide Shut, ritualistic gatherings, like the cult of Dionysus festivals, and our own wildest fantasies, inspired by the desires that move us. But how do these images become reality? How do we go about creating the set and setting for the play party we want to actually happen? And how do we get those attending to come together, to move the space forward, into a satisfying collective experience?

In this 3-day workshop, we will use techniques from BDSM, theater, dance, and ritual play to come together as a group to form two play parties of our collective desire.

On the first day, we will focus on group cohesion, spending time becoming familiar with each other, understanding each other's boundaries and how we can relate to one another as a community with the common goal of making play parties where everybody in the room can feel safe, vulnerable, and explorative.

On the second day, we will spend the day building up to our first play party. We will explore rituals, costumes, alter-egos, and masks to see how they can be used to relate to others in the group and be used for play. We will also explore exhibitionism and voyeurism, consent culture in a play party context, and how to use conversation and words to promote the space created.

On final day, we will dive into nonverbal communication in a play party context, in preparation for a silent play party at the end of the day. How to use slowness and stillness to seek and allow interactions to unfold will be a big theme of the day. We will also discuss performance and how performance can be used to effect a space, and the people in it.

Overall, the intention of this workshop is for all those participating to come out of it with the tools they need to go home and confidently participate in the play party of their dreams. We also hope to plant the seeds of the play party culture we know and love, and have so deeply been influenced by, of Berlin’s Schwelle7.

If you are interested in booking this workshop in a part of the world near you, then please send an email.

“This was my first play party so I didn’t really know what to expect. I soon found out that Saara and Andy were REAL people in that sense that they where completely down to earth, very warm and understanding. They made a safe place for people to explore and enjoy... The different workshops and techniques were very deep and I really had some beautiful connections with other people... there was sooo much love. Saara was very good to talk us through the workshops, so we could concentrate on exactly what we where supposed to... Something has changed in me... I explored myself in a lot of situations, and some of my fear is gone forever, and the love is growing... I look forward to connecting with them again and will strongly recommend them both.” by Claus