The Zen of Semenawa

A 3-day workshop by Andy Buru & Saara Rei

Photo by Andy Buru

What is Zen?
One way to think of zen is a total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. 

What is Semenawa?
Semenawa can be defined as rope that creates a feeling of helplessness and endurance, often with the use of pain and discomfort.

In both Zen and Semenawa a key is the practice of letting go. Letting go of comparing the present experience with experiences from the past or future. No longer attempting to change the present, but accepting it while still being responsible for one's emotional and physical well-being. Practicing this paradox is the theme of this weekend.

Semenawa can bring the height of dramatic expression and the depth of trust. It teaches us to slow down and tune into a universe of intimate nonverbal communication. The beauty of semenawa is the raw emotions that form a strong bond of trust and vulnerability between the top and the bottom.

People often ask why one would like to be tied or tie another person. The answer is always vulnerability in the polarity between surrender and holding power. When done in a consensual and loving way it empowers intimacy, healing, and growth.

During a weekend we will dive into:
- Conscious and responsible topping and bottoming when working with pain
- A handful of semi-to-full suspension ties that highlight semenawa
- Philosophy, theory, and tea about that place where zen and semenawa meet
- Cacao ceremonies and pain meditations to build and release intensity during the course
- The witness role to capture the beauty of semenawa working via with photography and drawing

As the person tying you must be able to make a rope structure stable enough to partly take the weight of your partner off the floor using suspension lines. And as the person being tied you must have an interest in exploring pain. And as a couple you must have experience tying together and have a system for communicating while doing so.

Come as a couple. All exercises will be done in the couple, with the exception of a few where you have the option to tie with someone you preferably don't know. There will be no time for switching roles. All rope ties will be presented in variants of semi-suspension, easy-suspension, and hard-suspension.

If you are interested in booking this workshop in a part of the world near you, then please send an email.

“This workshop allowed me (as being tied) to explore the positive aspects of physical challenge and pain in rope together with my partner, guided by Saara and Andy in a calm but also pushing setting. I am very interested in the conflicting sensations and emotions that dwell there, and this workshop gave us both exercises and methods for communication that we can keep working with at home.“ by nibbles